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[Have a somewhat scruffy Light, huddled against the door of one of the kitchen cupboards. He's not sure where he is. Or who he is.]


[ooc] Personality Disorders test

How have I never done this for him before?
Not all that surprisingCollapse )



This might be the mansion, or it might not.

The corridors are there. The rooms are there, all acting as they should. The kitchens are still there and functioning (for now, Light interjects darkly to himself). And yet the people—

All of them are gone, except for him.

Well, it's not as if he'd valued their company. They'd hated him, and he'd hated them; he'd been a visible reminder of what they were fighting against, and even the ones who should have worshipped him were weak, drawn by the crowd rather than by what was right.

It couldn't have been anything Light did, after all.

The grey cat that followed him out of the dream room is still trailing him; it's curled on the end of his bed. Light is likewise curled at the head of it, in the corner, ruminating and worrying about fur. He'd known the place was leading him to believe he'd be alone here. He just hadn't thought it would come so soon.

Or is it a room? It could be.



It's another day, and the third time Light has been hit over the head with an age reversal. This time, he's a little older than the place has made him before - twelve years old, and more reserved and serious than you'd expect him to have become in just two years.

His hands are tucked into his pockets, and he's leaning back against the wall of the fish lounge, visible from its entrance, in a way not entirely unlike his adult self.

He doesn't like this place at all.

[[OOC: private to refractings.]]


[ooc] emergency hiatus notice

I've got some unexpected family stuff I need to take care of, which means I need to be pretty much gone for a bit. Sorry, gah. :/ I'll try and tag when and where I can. This affects stalky here, subversion and siafukira.

Update 2009-09-27 Family stuff has worked out okay, but I'm still pretty much worn out. Am making efforts to get back in here and there, and doing easy stuff, but I think it will be a while. orz.


[ooc] interpersonal relationships table.

Only active characters are shown - feel free to comment if you think someone's been missed, my memory fails totally and I went by his memories for this.

Yes, the diagram is a reference. Yes, there are points for getting it.

<firmdetective> ... Apart from a general sense that Stalky doesn't "really" care about anyoneCollapse )