Light Yagami (curtainwizard) wrote,
Light Yagami

[private] it's a source of anger, you can feel it everywhere

[Light's having a good day, for once: when he finally got to sleep, the dreams were ... still there, but it was as if he was outside them, a neutral observer - they didn't unhinge him, or wake him, and he was able to sleep right through to morning.

So, still feeling reasonably bright, he's been looking for a quiet, pleasant room in which to sit and eat his pear. This one's out of the way, quiet, with tables and chairs - so he's cut the pear into thin slivers and is eating them from a bowl, extremely slowly, with chopsticks: none of it is running any risk of getting on him.

His hair is still standing up, very slightly.]

[[OOC: private to firm_detective. And yes, it is the hate room!

Chronology-wise, this takes place the morning after this thread.]]
Tags: bitchy, ic, thread
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